After 6 months of heavy travelling and running our blog from cafes across South East Asia in between sightseeing, we decided to settle down for one month and take time to focus 100% on the projects we had running. Being absolute beach lovers, we wanted to base ourselves in one of the coworking spaces in Bali. After weeks-long thorough research to choose the best coworking space for us, we picked Outpost

We enjoyed our productive stay so much, that we decided to share our recommendation with you. Whether you’re working on changing the world or are just looking for a productive base to get your day-to-day operations done, we can confidently say, Outpost is the place for you! It’s not for nothing that they have been voted #1 coworking space in Bali and Cambodia.

Outpost has currently two locations, Canggu and Ubud. We spent an equal amount of time in both of them and share our experience in both location, and why we recommend Outpost over other coworking spaces in Bali.

Bali – a Coworking Space Heaven

One things is clear, if you’re looking for good coworking spaces and love the idea of hearing jungle noises while typing your emails or watching the sun set over the ocean after a long day behind your laptop, Bali is definitely an ideal choice for you. Bali is a digital nomads heaven and you will not only find a large variety of trendy coworking spaces but also an inspiring community of like-minded people. 


Outpost is the home base for remote entrepreneurs, creatives, and professionals. Besides coworking spaces, they are also offering coliving options, which offloads the burden of finding your own accommodation and connects you deeper in the Outpost community. Unfortunately, the coliving spaces were fully booked for our period of stay, which is why we can’t share feedback on the accommodations. 

Both Outpost locations are well located within Canggu and Ubud. Although you won’t stay right in the center, we like that the locations were a close walking distance away from restaurants, cafes, and accommodations. Outpost Ubud is a 10 min walk away from the Monkey Forest and, if you have a scooter, a 10 min ride from busy Ubud center. The non-central location is in our eyes a big bonus as you have a beautiful jungle view from the balcony in Ubud, with a spectacular sunset sky every evening. The Canggu office is a 12 min walk from Balu Batong beach, and has lots of hip restaurants, laundry stores, barber shops, and mini markets just outside the door.

Sunset at Coworking Space Outpost Ubud
Sunset at Coworking Space Outpost Ubud

Benefit #1 – Great work environment

From day 1 of our stay at Outpost we felt incredibly motivated and productive. Their office spaces are modern and designed for you to be as efficient and effective as possible. Some coworking spaces in Bali are equipped only with wooden chairs and small desks that look trendy and create a cafe like vibe, however in our opinion, are rather impractical and uncomfortable for working a long period of time. We loved that Outpost had ergonomic chairs and comfortable large desks. All rooms are designed modern and have large windows offering a lot of natural light. 

You have the choice of working in silent or non-silent areas, depending on your preference and concentration level you are looking for. We were sitting in the non-silent spaces most of the time and felt that everyone was considerate, so that we never felt disturbed. 

You can reserve meeting rooms and Skype booths for calls, and we especially liked the Skype booth for two people in Canggu in which we spent several hours in. 

Oh, and don’t fret the Bali heat as all areas offer a comfortable climate! Some are air-conditioned others have only fans, allowing you to choose what you prefer. No matter what the temperature is outside, it’s never too warm to work, so you don’t need to worry about breaking out in sweat!

Coworking Space Bali Canggu Outpost
Outpost Canggu Pool Area

Benefit #2 – Strong community 

We cannot pinpoint what it is exactly, but there’s some magic in the air that makes you feel at home and part of something really cool! It may be the friendly and helpful staff, the inspiring entrepreneurs around you, or the fact that the place invites you to be constantly in a good mood.

You can offer your skills and ask for help from the community any time via their Slack channels. Thanks to that, we made new valuable connections and received expert opinions about aspects of our work that we have less experience in.

We feel like Outpost is attracting a very interesting crowd of digital nomads. People are hard working (you will ALWAYS find somebody in the office, regardless the time of day or night), and social and eager to network. If you didn’t get the chance to chat with fellow Outposters while preparing your coffee, you can get to know each other better during the weekly member lunches or events. A great opportunity to network in Outpost Ubud are the weekly new member orientation sessions. They serve free donuts – can it get better than that?!

Outpost Coworking Space Ubud Bali
Outpost Coworking Space Ubud Bali

Benefit #3 – Large offering of events & workshops

Without doubt, one of the best things about being part of the Outpost community was their active event and workshops calendar. Unknowingly, we arrived on our first day at Outpost Ubud to a 3 years anniversary jungle party!

Especially Outpost Ubud is offering multiple events and workshops every week, covering a large diversity of topics. We really enjoyed a talk about increasing your efficiency x3, a workshop on overcoming fears, and a free meditation session from one of the most popular yogis on the island. 

Outpost is encouraging their members to share their skills and that’s why also we took the opportunity to host a Finimize community event, in which we shared our story on how we managed to become financially independent and travel Asia without worrying about money. 

Benefit #4 – The perks

Where are the extra goodies, you might be asking? Do not worry, there are plenty! Starting with the pools in both locations. In Ubud, you have free anytime access to the amazing pool of the 5 stars hotel next door. The pool in Canggu is much smaller but still does the job to do a quick pool session in between TO DO’s.

Both locations include complimentary water, tea, and coffee, which was great. Also, if you have a busy day and prefer eating your breakfast or lunch while working, you can order your Bali smoothie bowls (and anything else on the menu) easily via Slack right to your desk. Genius!

Last, but not least, every Thursday you can get a free 15 minutes back and shoulders massage. Make sure to register early in the morning though as the list fills up quite quickly.

Coworking Bali food at your desk Outpost Canggu
Coworking Bali food at your desk Outpost Canggu

To sum up in 10 seconds

After travelling a lot and spending some hours here and there to work on our blog and book, we decided to settle down for a month in Bali to focus our energy on our work. After thorough research on the many coworking spaces in Bali we chose Outpost as our base, and were not disappointed. We loved the excellent work environment, the strong feeling of community, the large offering on workshops & events, and the extra perks, making Outpost the best choice for us.


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