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In the next 2,880 hours you can do anything you want.

What will you do?

2,880 hours. That’s 120 days. Or 4 months.

You have 120 full days to do anything you want.

You know what I did for 120 full days in 4 years of my life?


From home to work, and back home again.

4 hours a day in the tram, train, and bus. That’s on top of an 8 hour work day.

In 2018 I collapsed. I had a burnout.

I needed change. Radical change.

So we made a plan: our 9-5 Escape Plan.

Hey! We are Anastasia & Tomer …

… corporate escapees, wander hearts, and entrepreneurs.

We are also two millennials that set ourselves the mission to help you ditch your dull 9-5 routine and finally take control of your time.

1.5 years ago we finally started truly living.
  • We went from 0 to 5-figure passive income per year within 2.5 years and semi-retired under 30.
  • We left our jobs and traveled to over 20 countries.
  • We surveyed 300 millennials and interviewed 20 more.

We started Generation Nomads to help people escape jobs that consume them and take control of their time.

Do you live your happiest life?

What if you could go from being chained to your desk from 9-5 to working anytime and anywhere you want?

What if you could make more money in less hours and free up time for things that truly matter to you?

Our mission is to help you create a freedom lifestyle

Generation Nomads blog

100+ blog posts on financial freedom, location independence, & nomad life

financial independence workshops

Financial Independence group workshops in 3 countries and counting

how to become a digital nomad coaching

1:1 online coaching sessions to help you figure out how you can own your time

Featured in 3 podcast about nomad life, millennial struggles, and travel

Our story in a nutshell

We met in 2013 during their MBA studies in Amsterdam.

We went from sitting next to each other in class to writing papers together to spending our days together and buying our first apartment together.

Both in love with traveling, we used every chance we got to escape to warmer places. During a trip in Vietnam, we met a couple that had been traveling for 6 months. 

6 months!

“How did they finance it?”

“Did they sacrifice their careers?”

“What did we need to do to be like them?”

A million questions. But the idea was planted.

We became obsessed with learning how we could create financial freedom. We wanted to make more money in less time, working from anywhere in the world.

2.5 years later, we are generating 5 figure passive income every year – without having to work.

In 2018 we took the flight out of our comfort zone into the unknown. Since then we are living the freedom life, all around the world.


After living in 4 countries, Anastasia moved to The Netherlands and started working as a corporate innovation and startup coach in the HealthTech industry. 4 professionally successful years and a nasty burnout later, she decided that it’s time to focus on things she wants to do instead of things she feels she needs to do. She uses her expertise working with startup teams to build not only a business but also a life where she can be her own boss.

You can find Anastasia most of the time in the shade of a palm tree, bringing her thoughts to paper. She is the calming force who brings some routine into a chaotic travel lifestyle.

Anastasia is the one that keeps our swag fresh across all communication channels.


When Tomer met Anastasia on the first day of our studies, he had just exited from his web hosting startup. After graduating, he worked as an agile transformation consultant for a Forbes 100 IT company. His time helping teams to improve their ways of working has taught him to spot new business opportunities quickly. Being a self-development enthusiast, he never runs out of books to read that help us improve our business and personal lives.

Tomer is happiest discovering the weirdest new foods on the menu and he makes sure that our days are filled with adventures. He is the finance enthusiast amongst us, and thanks to him, we keep our travel budget in tact. 

Tomer is a business development champ and always on the lookout for new collaboration opportunities.

Generation Nomads About Us Tomer Arwas

Let us help you create a life of freedom!

… learn how you can become financially free with passive income.

… get help to find a remote job, freelance gig, or start your own successful online business.

… get connected with a community of people that do what they love, where & when they want to.

… & most importantly, learn to believe in yourself because we’re convinced freedom is possible for you too.

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