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Are you looking for Cartagena cafes to work remotely from?

In this post, we’ll share our favourite cafes in Cartagena that every digital nomad should know about.

Cartagena for digital nomads

Cartagena is a great place to visit in Colombia. If you are looking for warmer weather, being close to the beach, and having a Mediterranean feeling, this is the place for you.

Get ready to drink some of the best coffee in Cartagena, and maybe even in all of Colombia.

We spent 2 weeks in Cartagena during our time in Colombia. 

Our main reason for coming to this city was that it is on the Caribbean Coast. 

Little did we know that we were in for a treat. 

The historical centre of Cartagena is so vibrant and lively with an abundance of cafes and restaurants.

We loved hanging out in the neighbourhoods of Centro and Gestemani in Cartagena.

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Working remotely from Cartagena? Want to enjoy the Caribbean Coast breeze with a cup of Colombian coffee in your hand? These are the best cafes in Cartagena for digital nomads! Here you can have real Colombian coffee in Cartagena and be ultra-productive, with strong Wifi. After 2 weeks in Cartagena, these the 6 remote work spots we would go back to. Even if you're looking for a place to work online, these cafes have the best coffee in town.

Best cafe’s in Cartagena

We compiled the places where you can get the best coffee in Cartagena in combination with amazing Wifi.

Although Colombia is a huge global producer of coffee, don’t expect the coffee in Cartagena to be cheaper than back at home. 

A cup of coffee can range between $2.5-$6 depending on size and type. 

Before we start, one piece of advice when working in cafes anywhere in the world:

Always ask if it’s ok for you to use the space as your office. Just ask if it’s ok that you work there for a few hours with your laptop. 

Getting the waiter or owner to agree before saves you from feeling uncomfortable and gives the owner a chance to tell you if they disagree. 

1. Folklore Colombian Coffee

Address: Cl. 32 #4-17, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Folklore Cartagena Website


Folklore was by far our favourite spot to cool off from the heat and get some work done.

It is quite spacious and the tables are a decent size for 2 people to work on 1 table. 

Folklore has its fair share of digital nomads coming in, so they are used to people settling in for a while with their laptops. 

The Wifi in Folklore is the best we have encountered in the cafe scene in Cartagena.

When we went there after lunchtime (13.00-14.00), it would usually be quite calm and empty, so perfect for you to pick your spot and concentrate. 

Folklore also produce their own coffee, and they will answer any question you have about the origin of their coffee or how it’s being prepared. 

2. Abacus Books and Coffee

Address: Cl. 36 ##3-86, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Abacus Cartagena Website


Abacus wins the prize of style and design.

The walls are covered in books, which gives the feeling of a library.

Their baristas are very friendly and will make you an amazing cup of coffee.

They have 2 locations right next to each other. One of the locations is more for a quick coffee and cake while browsing through books. 

The second location is where you want to be. The tables are large and other digital nomads spend their time working.

3. Beiyú Cafe

Address: Cra. 10 #29186, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Beiyú Cartagena Website


If you want to combine work with eating lunch, go to this place.

Beiyú has great food and coffee for reasonable prices.

Another reason to visit this spot is that it’s one in a few cafes to work in Gestemani neighbourhood. 

It is less comfortable than the other cafes we mentioned since the tables are smaller.

Also, it has open doors and no air conditioning. 

All in all, good for lunch or breakfast, but I wouldn’t say you can do deep work in this spot. 

4. Juan Valdez Café

Address: Various

Juan Valdez Café Website


Juan Valdez Café is a chain of coffee shops all around Colombia.

They have many locations scattered all around Cartagena.

Just put Juan Valdez Cafe into your Google Maps and you’ll find the nearest one to you.

They have quite big spaces usually, with large tables to work on, and an abundance of electrical outlets. 

Their coffee is great, and a bit cheaper than other coffee shops in town. 

A popular branch for digital nomads is in between Centro and Gestemani on:

Calle de la Media Luna Calle 30 CRA.11 Esquina, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

5. Cafe San Alberto

Address: Calle de Los Santos de Piedra Cra. 4 #34-1 a 34-91, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Cafe San Alberto Cartagena Website


This spot is very popular amongst tourists.

It is right in the centre of Centro, so if you find yourself in the area in need of shade and energy, hop into this place.

A word of caution: their Wifi somehow doesn’t work with Apple products. Don’t ask me why, but we were quite disappointed when we settled in the upstairs area and found out the Wifi wouldn’t connect. 

Perhaps it is fixed by now, but better ask before.

Nonetheless, this place has great coffee and a great atmosphere. 

6. Mall Plaza El Castillo

Address: Av. Pedro De Heredia #Carrera 13, Cartagena, Provincia de Cartagena, Bolívar, Colombia

Mall Plaza El Castillo Website


Not exactly a cafe, but they have an area of co-working in Cartagena. 

This is a mall outside of the historical centre, which has a co-working area near the food court.

It is a great place to work if you are looking to grab a quick lunch as well and do some shopping.

There are electrical outlets, good internet and nice tables to site on.

Conclusions about cafes in Cartagena for Digital Nomads

All in all, Cartagena has a lot to offer to digital nomads.

The variety and amount of cafes are big, the Internet is stable, and the overall vibe is great.

The historical centre is, however, a bit further from the beach. 

Combing beach time and working is not that easy. You will have to go back to your accommodation and leave your laptop behind and then head over to the beach.

We had an overall productive time working in Cartagena, and we would recommend it for digital nomads in Colombia.