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Are you dreaming to quit your 9-to-5 job and work from anywhere in the world on your own business idea? Are you looking for the most trending business ideas for online?

No wonder! The travelpreneur lifestyle is now hotter than ever!

Nowadays, location-independent digital nomads are moving away from being an exotic and rare species to becoming a more commonly explored work profile.

As a matter of fact, there are many profitable online businesses opportunities that require solely a laptop and a stable internet connection. In other words, working remotely is not only a dream lifestyle but a reality for many. 

And it can become your reality, too!

You will agree with us on this. The benefits of having your own online business are great: you get to be your own boss, do work you enjoy, manage your hours flexibly, and work from anywhere in the world.

Another plus point of starting up an online business is that the upfront investment is usually very low compared to traditional businesses. If the entrepreneur brings in the required skill set, the investment is often limited to the time of the entrepreneur themselves.

After traveling for over one year and meeting digital nomads from various countries in four different continents, we can say that there is a set of most popular online business models that can make you $100,000 a year.

Whatever your motivation for starting an online business may be, here is a list of the 8 most trending business ideas we see that allow you to work from anywhere.

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Do you dream to quit your 9-5 job and work on your own online business idea in 2020? Are you looking for the most profitable and trending business ideas to earn money online? After meeting countless online entrepreneurs in our worldtrip, here's a list of the 8 most popular online business ideas of digital nomads that let you to work remotely. We picked business ideas that make $100,000+ & cost under $50 to start up.

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How to choose the right trending business ideas for you

Probably you know this already but before we dive into the list of trending business ideas that let you work from anywhere, we would like to re-emphasize this: Your success as an online entrepreneur will largely depend on the robustness of the business model you choose.

That’s why, before getting fully invested into executing your online business idea, make sure to spend sufficient time to clarify your key business model components.

For example, consider the following: 

  • Who is your main customer segment?
  • What is their biggest pain point?
  • How will your product or service create value for your customers?
  • What is the best revenue model for your offering and customer segment? (e.g. pay per hour / pay per product sale / click-based advertising model / commission-based model)
  • Which resources do you need to develop and distribute your offering?
  • What are your main sales channels?

Answering these questions upfront might seem like a lot of work. However the time investment you make in the beginning to sharpen your online business idea will save you time and trouble later.

In our post How to Test if your Online Business Idea is Good we go step-by-step over the most important aspects of setting up your business idea for success. 

8 Trending business ideas to work from anywhere

The following trending business ideas are selected based on their popularity among online entrepreneurs, the possibility to work from anywhere in the world, a zero to low initial investment, and lastly, their revenue potential.

1. Business Consulting

Leading the list of trending business ideas that let you work from anywhere are consulting services because Consulting is a business that is relatively easy to set up. The idea is that you leverage your strengths and expertise as employee at a previous job and offer your services as a self-employed consultant.

This business model is very popular among business and strategy consultants, accountants, online marketers, engineers, and startup coaches. The customer segment for consulting services is in most cases business clients (Business2Business (B2B) model). Clients are acquired often through the existing professional network of the entrepreneur or through online networking, e.g. on LinkedIn. (Read here how to Find Remote Jobs on LinkedIn).

To get started, think about how your areas of expertise can add measurable value to clients. Define numerically how your services will deliver results for customers. However, don’t be overly self-critical! You might be surprised how a skill that you consider as trivial can be a game changer for others.

  • Required initial investment: $0
  • Revenue potential: $48k – $112k per year (source: PayScale)

How to start your Consulting Business:

In the Online Training: Strategies to Find Consulting Clients and Win New Business you will learn the key techniques for acquiring customers for your consulting business. Grab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

2. Personal Coaching

Next up are personal coaching services – the cousin of business consulting services. Coaching services are mostly targeted towards private persons and fall therefore into a Business2Consumer (B2C) model.

According to market analysts, personal coaching services are growing strongly and are believed to be the second fastest growing industry in the world.

Trending business ideas for personal coaches span from online fitness coaches to social media coaches, health and wellness coaches, productivity coaches, and many more. You can pick your competence area based on your interest, skills, and experience.

On average, a U.S. coach makes $62,000 per year. The entry barrier to become a personal coach is low as the industry is loosely regulated at the moment. However, keep in mind that the lack of regulations can frequently lead to complaints about coach incompetence. Therefore to succeed, make sure you build up credibility and, ideally, can show certification.

  • Required initial investment: $0
  • Revenue potential: on average $62,000 per year

How to start with Personal Coaching:

Get an introduction into personal coaching for beginners in the Online Training: Start Your Own Life Coaching Business. In only 17 minutes, you will learn the basics of personal coaching and learn techniques how to get started. Grab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

3. Blogging

If you like writing and sharing knowledge with peers, blogging can be the ideal trending business idea for you. Blogging is one of those career paths that let you combine work with passion and purpose. And on top of that, can come with lucrative income potential. You might have come across numerous blog posts of bloggers showing income reports of 5-6 figures a month!

However,  becoming a blogger does not automatically equal making money blogging. As fabulous as blogging may sound, and as quick and cheap it is to start a blog, it takes significant time and effort to earn a full-time income from blogging. We have experienced this first hand when we started our blog almost 1 year ago. 

You might have read before that the most common ways to make money online from blogging are advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, and selling digital products. Yet, the basis for unlocking any of the revenue potential is to generate substantial and stable website traffic.

We have spent countless hours reading blogging guides and watching blogging tutorials to realize that we have been committing some of the biggest mistakes beginner bloggers can make.

We share 8 secrets that successful bloggers don’t always tell you in our guide How to Start a Blog for Beginners. To help you avoid wasting time and start focusing on the things that will truly help to advance your blog, we captured our biggest learnings in our free Blogging Secrets Checklist. 

  • Required initial investment: $3.95 for domain and hosting with Bluehost
  • Revenue potential: $50,000 – $100,000 in Year 3 (source: Financial Samurai)

How to start with Blogging:

The most important pre-requisite to making money as a blogger is to generate traffic to your website. Successful bloggers swear by Pinterest as a traffic generation machine! Get an introduction to Pinterest marketing and Pinterest SEO here.

If you want to dive deeper into how to make money blogging with Pinterest, we recommend the courses of Anastasia Blogger. Anastasia is a Pinterest marketing expert with over 300,000 monthly page views generated on Pinterest. Her courses are excellent! Check out her e-learnings here.

4. Selling Digital Products

One of the most trending business ideas that let you work from anywhere is selling digital products such as online courses, eBooks, and webinars.

Selling digital products is a highly profitable business model because the investment of creating online products is very low compared to the margin they can generate. Furthermore, most investment for creating digital products happens before launch, making digital products a great source of collecting passive income.

The key challenge of the digital products business lies in effectively marketing and distributing digital products. Low barriers to enter the market lead to large competition and increased consumer confusion and skepticism about the quality of digital products.

A solution we often see entrepreneurs selling digital products taking is to focus on building trust and reputation by creating in-depth customer relationships online. Examples of establishing trust are via social media (e.g. Instagram) or through email sales funnels.

How to start with Digital Products:

Learn the fundamentals of designing digital products that people will love in the Online Training: Intro into UX – Fundamentals of Usability. Grab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

5. E-commerce powered by drop-shipping

If you have always dreamed about becoming a retail entrepreneur and opening your own store but were afraid of the large upfront investment, drop-shipping can be the ideal answer to your dreams! It’s never been easier to step into e-commerce than today.

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer (=you) does not keep an inventory but instead forwards online orders and shipment details to the supplier. Your supplier then ships the goods directly to your customer. The huge benefit of this business model is that you don’t need to manufacture, own, or store the products you’re selling. This brings down your risk as business owner to zero!

You can set up your online business on Shopify within a couple of hours and start selling products on your online store the next day.

  • Initial investment: starting from $29 for basic Shopify subscription 
  • Revenue potential: $100,000+ per year (some make 6 figures a month) (source: Shopify)

How to start with E-commerce:

In the Online Training Building an Etsy Shop that Sells you will learn the key strategies for e-commerce success for beginners. If you want to start your online business on Shopify, we recommend this Shopify eCommerce MasterclassGrab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

6. Fulfillment by Amazon 

Did you know that not all products that are being sold on Amazon are actually owned by Amazon? Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service provided by Amazon that allows suppliers to sell their products more flexibly. Amazon is offering online retailers services like storing, packaging, and shipping of goods.

Using FBA, you don’t need to set up your own online shop via Shopify. Instead, you select which products you would like to sell and market them directly in the Amazon marketplace. That way, you can benefit from Amazon’s strong brand and customer base.

A disadvantage of FBA is the challenge of standing out among other retailers on the platform.

In our opinion, FBA is an ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to first experiment with e-commerce before setting up an own branded online shop.

  • Initial investment: $0
  • Revenue potential: $2,000 – $4,500 per month (source: JungleScout)

How to start with Amazon FBA:

Learn everything you need to know to get started with FBA in the Online Training: Alibaba to Amazon FBA – Product Importation Masterclass. This e-learning will walk you through the entire process of setting up your online business from finding quality suppliers, negotiating deals, setting up your operations, and more. Grab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

7. Social media marketing

Online marketing has been around since the emergence of the internet. However, a new form of digital marketing is changing the industry. While in the past online marketing has been handled by specialized marketing agencies, brands are increasingly looking into social media for peer-to-peer marketing.

The revenue model is an affiliate marketing model in which the marketer earns a commission for every sale made. Popular sales channels are Pinterest, LikeToKnowIt, Instagram, and Youtube.

Marketers usually establish a strong personal brand and a large social media following which then serves as their target customer base for promoting third party products. Social media marketers are typically referred to as social media influencers because they actively or passively influence the purchase decisions of their audience.

  • Initial investment: $0
  • Revenue potential: estimated average of $1,000 per 100,000 followers (source: Mic)

How to start with Affiliate Marketing through Pinterest:

Learn the Secrets of Pinterest SEO to drive organic traffic to your affiliate offerings for free via Pinterest. We love Pinterest marketing expert Anastasia Blogger. Anastasia has 10+ million unique monthly viewers on Pinterest and drives over 300,000 monthly page views to her blogs trough Pinterest. She helped us to grow our Pinterest account from 0 to 100k unique monthly viewers in only 2 months.

8. Software Engineering and App Development

Software engineers and developers create, test and maintain software on various platforms. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is forecasted to grow by 17 percent yearly through 2023.

With many online entrepreneurs looking into trending business ideas such as blogging, e-commerce, and digital marketing, the demand for website development, data processing, open source software, and new apps is steadily rising. 

With an average pay of over $100,000 per year, software engineering and development is an excellent business opportunity for those who pick up the skills. Typically, they work project-based as freelancers or develop their own digital product such as a new software or mobile applications.

  • Initial investment: $0 if you are a software engineer or web / app developer
  • Revenue potential: $100,000+ per year (source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

How to start with Web development:

If you’re interested to find out if web development is for you, this online training is for you: Understanding Web Development – a Beginner’s Guide to the Web. In under 3 hours, you will learn the basics of web development, programming languages, and get an introduction to WordPress. Grab your 2 months Skillshare trial for free!

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Becoming an online entrepreneur is a great way to earn money online and work from anywhere in the world. In this post we shared with you 8 trending business ideas. We selected those 8 because of their popularity amongst digital nomads and because they require hardly any upfront investment.

But don’t forget that picking an online business idea is only the beginning! After you have defined your online business model, you need to start selling! 

One of the key challenges is to build trust with online consumers and establish a large audience of potential customers. For this, you will need to create a large and stable amount of monthly traffic to your website.

Pinterest is a very powerful platform for bloggers, coaches, and online retailers to drive organic traffic from Day 1.

If you want to learn how we increased our Pinterest unique monthly viewers from 0 to 87k in only 2 months and how you can start driving free traffic to your website through Pinterest, read our detailed posts about Pinterest Marketing and Pinterest SEO. 

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