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In today’s world, everyone can earn money from home. Yes, that’s right. Everyone! Anyone with a smartphone or a laptop has the possibility to publish content that others can consume. 

You don’t need to have a degree or diploma in a particular field to earn money from home. People are not seeking to learn from people with certifications.

Instead, they want to learn from teachers that have specific skills, knowledge, and experiences that they use themselves. In other words, people want proof that you have done what you are teaching. 

In this post, I will help you to figure out what assets you already have that you can turn into money-making machines. I will run you through 5 mediums to capitalize on what you already have and automate your income. 

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Today anyone with a smartphone or a laptop can make money from home. You can make money online teaching others what you know. Best news is you don't even need special degrees or certificates. People want to learn from others who have the skills, knowledge, and experiences they seek to gain. From skills like design to gardening. Read how you can join the knowledge industry and use the skills and knowledge you already have to earn an income from home.

Earn money from home by delivering value

Everyone has some value to deliver. Your unique set of skills, particular knowledge you gained, and experience you have had are valuable. 

I am not saying you have to be amazing in something to deliver value. You just need to know more than your neighbor. Deliver value to others by teaching them things that you know and they want to learn. 

If you are one lesson ahead of someone else, you already have value to deliver.

That can be one lesson ahead in a course, yet also one experience that someone else does not yet have. 

If you have had a difficult situation and worked your way out of it, these are hard-earned lessons. Share this wisdom with others that are going through a similar situation. 

Everyone is looking to learn something new all the time. This is probably how you stumbled upon this post. 

There are two reasons why people want to learn something. Either they must because a certain problem arises that they need to resolve. Or they want to grow and do something new. 

Either way, learning allows us to progress. Progress makes us happy. Happiness is what we all seek.

This is why it is so valuable! 

Demand for everything fluctuates. Yet the demand for education is always steady. During good times and bad times, people seek to learn and improve. 

You can earn money from home educating others about a variety of topics.

Start to look inwards and figure out which value you can deliver. Consider the skills, knowledge, and experiences that you already have, which can be valuable to others.

Earn money from home with your skills

A skill is defined by Meriam-Webster as “a learned power of doing something competently.” This can be almost anything that you can do well.

It can be your ability to process data in Excel or other applications. It can also be your ability to edit photos. 

The main thing about skills is that they have to be practical. It means that someone can directly apply them to do something. 

You have worked hard to earn the skills you have. You spent hours of practice and training to be where you are. 

There is someone else right now that is looking exactly for that set of skills that you have mastered. They are looking to learn those skills from someone similar to them.

They don’t necessarily want to learn those skills from a certified professor in the field. Instead, they want to learn from someone that has gone through a similar path to them. Someone that has had the experience of learning the skills.

This is an opportunity for you to provide value. 

Here’s an example of creating value for others by teaching your skills.

Let’s say you are good at photography. You know all the functions on DSLR cameras and all the ins and outs of how they work.

On top of that, you have some awesome photos to show. This is your proof that you know what you are talking about. 

If someone is impressed by your photos and wants to be able to take photos like that, you can provide them with value. Once they find out that you are willing to teach them how to take such photos, they are very likely to want to take on that offer. 

You can then teach others your photography skills and earn money from home.

Earning money from home with your knowledge

Everyone gains knowledge about a variety of topics. Knowledge is different than skills as it is not necessarily practical.

Your knowledge can be about anything from historical facts to the universe, or how electricity is produced. 

You learn your knowledge through activities that you undertake. Reading books, interacting with people, scrolling through the web or observing people passing by.

Your knowledge becomes valuable as it is your unique perspective. It is your way of seeing things. It is a combination of a diverse variety of things that you have learned over time. 

When you combine your knowledge together, you create new knowledge that is unique to you. 

For example, if you like cooking, you probably have some recipes that you have created and perfected yourself. These recipes are valuable knowledge to others.

Earning money from home with your experiences

We all go through a variety of experiences. Some are good experiences and others are bad. 

The chances are that someone else in the world is going through a similar experience and is looking for someone to mentor them through it. 

Good experiences are achievements we reached. For example, launching a great online product or designing an apartment. 

Bad experiences are unwanted occurrences that happened to us and we managed to get through them. This can be, for example, an injury or illness, the bankruptcy of your business, or an unhealthy relationship. 

On both these types of experiences, you can share valuable information and lessons with others that are going through a similar thing.

People want to learn from others that had a similar experience so that their experience can be smoother.

For example, if you had a knee injury and had to recover for a period of time. You can share with others the exercises that worked and the ones that didn’t work for you. Explain why something worked better than the other.

You can explain both the mental and physical challenges and give tips on how to deal with them. 

For someone else with a knee injury, this information is extremely valuable. 

Relating to your audience amplifies the value delivered

An important aspect to consider when delivering value to others is to be relatable. Don’t try to put on the professor’s hat.

People prefer to learn from someone they can relate to. Someone that has once been in their shoes and is where they want to be. Speak their language and avoid jargon. 

Think of a 15-year-old tutoring a 14-year-old. Having gone through the same course material as their peer 1 year ago makes them the perfect teachers. 

They know exactly what the other is going through and can explain the material in the best way. They know the workload the 14-year-old student is dealing with. 

Having certification and degrees does not necessarily make the best teacher. The best teacher for anyone is someone that understands where they are and can help them move forward from there. 

5 ways to capitalize on your skills, knowledge, and experiences

There are a variety of mediums through which you can share value with others and earn money. Some of these ways can allow you to automate your income and earn income passively.

You can use a combination of mediums to provide value. 

Here are 5 examples of ways to share your skills, knowledge, and experience.


A book is probably the most traditional way to share an idea with the masses. There are millions of books written about almost any topic out there. 

E-books are a great way to easily share your value with others. If you know a topic well, you can write about it. 

The benefit of e-books is that you don’t need a publisher to print them. You can use any word processing application on your computer to 

Of course, you will need to market your ebook to reach the audience that is looking for that value. Amazon has an ebook publishing program that you could also use to market your ebook. 

Online courses

Online courses are another popular form of sharing value with others. 

With your laptop camera or phone camera, you can already create a good quality video of yourself explaining a topic. Any skill, specific knowledge, or experience you have can be shared in the form of an online course. 

There are many platforms where you can upload your course and get paid per view or per purchase. Therefore it is not even necessary that you market the course all on your own. 


You can set up a blog in a matter of minutes these days. You don’t even need your own domain, you can use platforms like Medium or to publish your content. 

In a blog you can easily share your ideas and teach about topics. The advantage of a blog is that you can develop it and shape it over time. That means you don’t need to have an entire structure or curriculum ready upfront, which is the case with ebooks and online courses. 

A blog can be monetized in a variety of ways. If you are publishing content, you could earn money through affiliates and sponsored ads. In essence, you would be getting traffic to your blog by producing good content and then selling other people’s products. 

If you are interested in creating a blog, check our post on how to start a blog and the 8 secrets successful bloggers don’t tell you.


Coaching has become very popular in recent years. There are many more coaches out there, and at the same time, there are also more people looking to be coached.

The variety of topics that people are seeking coaching on is immense. There is no doubt that you have some skills, knowledge or experience that can be valuable through coaching. 

There are different formats for coaching. You can do 1 on 1 coaching, group coaching, or host a mastermind group. 

Coaching can be done from home, as you can use Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, or any other free online video calling service out there.


Similarly to coaching, you may offer to consult for businesses. If you have specific skills and expertise in a certain area, a business will be happy to pay you to advise them. You can help them work on a problem and solution. 

Businesses are willing to invest in and spend money on people that can help them achieve their missions.

Consulting may be done in the form of remote freelancing on a project base.

Pick a topic and earn money from home

Don’t spend too long trying to figure out which topic you should start creating value for. It should be something that you have in-depth skills on, unique knowledge, or a significant experience. 

Once you find something, just start. Take action, and the rest will follow from there. It is also important to develop and improve your skills of teaching others and providing as much value as possible. 

Improving your teaching skills is only possible through practice. Therefore the best option is to take action now.

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