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When starting to look for remote work, turning to freelance sites is your best choice.

Whether you want to start freelance writing or become a freelance designer, looking through a variety of job offers is a good way to start orienting yourself.

Perhaps you might even get new freelance ideas of how to make money online that you didn’t know existed before. We have gathered the 7 best freelancing sites to get you started and find a remote job.

There are hundreds of freelance sites out there and figuring out which ones are good and worth while creating a profile on can take up a lot of your time. Creating a profile on each site is also time consuming, and therefore you should be selective. We tried to keep this list short, and provide you the very best freelancing sites that you should definitely create a profile on to start looking for remote work and make money online. 

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When starting to look for remote work, there are many freelancing websites you can choose. Whether you want to start freelance writing or become a freelance designer, you need to be on a few freelancing websites. There are hundreds of freelance sites out there and figuring out which ones are worthwhile creating a profile on can be time consuming. We have gathered the 7 best freelancing websites to get you started to find a remote job.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. There are no additional costs to you, but it helps us keep this blog alive. The products and services we recommend are based on our own opinions. Enjoy!

Before you start freelancing

Before you start freelancing, it is important that you set up everything correctly. In most countries you must register as a freelancer at the chamber of commerce, and essentially start your own business as a solo entrepreneur. The procedures are different for every country, so we won’t go into the details. We would advise you get in touch with the chamber of commerce of your country to understand the procedures and costs involved. 

One tool that we can strongly recommend is It is the easiest to use and most comprehensive freelancer service we have seen out there. They cover everything you need as a freelancer and provide you with all the tools to do get going. Their app includes sending proposal and signing contracts, arranging for invoices and payments, tracking time and expenses, and even create reports on your performance. 

It is a one stop shop that has everything you will need to be a successful freelancer. You can sign up for free through this link: 

The 7 Best Freelancing Sites


Fiverr is probably the largest gig site out there.

Don’t be fooled by the name. Although it started off as a platform where people would offer to do gigs for $5, it has since developed to be the place to go when hiring for small projects. The average pay on Fiverr has since risen from $5, and now gigs go anywhere between $5 to $10,000. This means you can charge anything you think is just for your services. Many freelancers are making a living only through completing gigs on Fiverr. 

On Fiverr you can offer graphic design, digital marketing, writing, translations, video editing, animation, audio editing, programming, as well as business consulting. Pretty much any skill you are looking to offer, you can do so on Fiverr. To sign up on Fiverr, simply click on Become a Seller on the top right corner, and follow the steps.


Upwork has grown to become the biggest remote work platform on the web in recent years. Any business seeking to hire freelancers is now checking Upwork. The businesses looking on Upwork are usually seeking more long-term contracts. Since the platform is so busy, it is easy to find jobs that match your skills quite quickly. 

Nonetheless, as the biggest platform our there, you should also consider that they take some hefty commissions. They take 20% for the first $500 billed to a client, 10% for the lifetime billing with a client for $501 to $10,000, and 5% over the lifetime billing with a client for over $10,000. These are things you need to consider when selecting the best freelancing sites for you. 

To sign up at Upwork, simply follow this link, create a profile, and start biding on projects. 


Flexjobs emphasis is on flexible jobs and part-time jobs. In other words, jobs that you can do flexibly at your own pace and schedule. Flexjobs hand-screen and curate every job posting on their site, making sure that all potential employers are reliable. They promise to find you high quality, flexible, and professional jobs that will satisfy your needs and fir your situation.

The down side of Flexjobs is that you have to pay upfront to be on their platform. Opposing other sites that take commission on your earnings, Flexjobs actually charges job seekers a monthly fee to stay on the platform. Their monthly fee starts from $14,95 per month. 

To sign up on Flexjobs, simply head over here and follow the steps. 


On you can find almost any job you are seeking. They have an app accompanying their site, where you can see the latest updates on your job offers, chat to potential employers, and they offer 24/7 support. There are plenty of remote jobs available on Freelancer.

After creating your profile on Freelancer, they will automatically start recommending jobs to you that fit your skillset. This makes the whole process of looking for a job much more efficient. In the free membership, you can apply unto 8 jobs a month, regardless whether they are successful or not. They do not take any commission on your earnings. 

To sign up to Freelancer just follow this link and complete all the steps to create your profile. 


Guru is another huge freelancing site. They have more than 800k freelancers signed up on their platform and had over 1 million jobs completed on their platform. They offer a secure payment system, which is quite useful when you are dealing with several projects at the same time, as it takes away the administrative aspect off your hands. 

You can choose different options as a freelancer: fixed price, hourly, task based, or recurring payments. This really allows you to be flexible and find something that fits your needs best. Signing up and creating a profile is free. 

To sign up simply got to and follow the steps for freelancers.


This is another great option for starting out as a freelancer. Their application form is a bit stricter as they want all their freelancing members to be certified freelancers. This means that every application is reviewed and approved manually by a moderation team. The upside of this is that once you are in, you can cal yourself a certified freelancer and ask for higher prices.

You can start creating a profile and the screening process by going to and following the steps to register as a freelancer.


Toptal claims to have the top 3% of freelance talent. Like other freelance sites, they do quite a bit of screening before they let you offer your services on the platform. This is a good test to see if you have everything you need and the right skills to become a freelancer. 

You can register as a freelancer on Toptal through this link.

You don’t have to create a profile on all sites

We tried to minimise this list to the absolute best freelancing websites out there. You do not need to create a profile on each one of them to be a successful freelancer. It is essential you choose 2-3 freelancing sites and stick with them. All of them claim to be the best freelancing sites out there, but you need to find the one that matches your needs best.

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