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If you travel a lot, you probably know that it is difficult to stay healthy and fit. You don’t have your routine, there might not be a gym at your hotel, and you may be moving around way too much to keep up with your workout plan. But these are not reasons to slack. After travelling full-time for more than a year, we can tell you with certainty that it is possible to keep fit. There are plenty of ways to do a hotel room workout and a full body workout with no equipment. 

In this post we share free fitness ideas and apps to stay healthy and fit while you travel. These are full body workouts with no equipments that can be done from your hotel room or Airbnb. So keep your fitness motivation up and get ready to hit that fitness body goal!

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If you travel a lot, you probably know that it is difficult to stay healthy and fit on the road. Here is our list of 6 free apps that let you complete a full body workout at home, no gym needed. These are perfect for traveling if you're looking for an easy hotel room workout. We picked our favorite no equipment workout apps, so that you can exercise at home or anywhere. Perfect for digital nomads to stay fit while traveling. #traveltips #hotelroomworkout #homeworkout #digitalnomad #fitnesstips

Travelling and keeping healthy and fit

When travelling you do not have a routine. One of the most important things when trying to stick to a workout plan is to have a schedule and routine in place. Since with travelling, every day might look totally different than the day before, we recommend to do your hotel room workouts in the parts of your day that are still routine. That is after waking up or before going to sleep.

You don’t skip taking a shower or brushing your hair when you travel right? Most of us usually do these in the morning and / or the evening. We recommend adding your hotel room workout as early as possible in your day. Either do it before or after you brush your teeth. Getting it done in the morning secures that you keep up with your workout plan. 

While travelling you cannot always predict what each day might bring. You are not sure when you will get back home and how tired you would be, perhaps you may have had a cocktail or beer with dinner. Therefore doing the hotel room workout in the morning works best and guarantees you stick to your fitness plan.

Hotel room workout can be done anywhere

The criteria for the hotel room workouts we picked below are that they can be done from anywhere. These are full body workouts with no equipment needed. All you need is a bit of space to move around and lay flat on the floor. 

Majority of these workouts are designed to be done at home. They range from easy at home workouts to intense full body workouts at home. We include the list of the best 6 no equipment workout apps that we use ourselves. 

Hotel room workout free apps

Here is a list of our favourite hotel room workout apps that we use on a daily basis.

7 Minute Workout – Fitness App by Fast Builder Limited

Download the 7 Minute Workout iPhone app here.

Hotel Room Workout

With this app you can set your fitness goals. You can also set reminders for specific days of the week so you get a nudge when you should do your hotel room workout. Remember, having a routine is key to staying fit and healthy. 

What we like about this app is that there are different workout routines to choose from at different levels of fitness. These are all 7 minutes HIIT (Hight intensity interval trainings), with a variety of exercises you go through. You can review the exercises before choosing the hotel room workout you want. 

The really cool thing is that the app walks you through the entire workout plan with a timer. It is almost like having a personal coach helping you do your hotel room workout. 

There are different themes such as 7M legs, 7M arms, 7M abs, etc. All are just 7 minutes long, and trust us, they will get you sweating! Doing a 7 minute exercise every day is easy to fit in your schedule, and will work magic in the future.

HIIT Workouts

Download the HIIT Workouts iPhone app here.

Hotel Room WorkoutSimilar to the 7 minute workout app, this app offers a range of workouts you can do. You can set goals and reminders in the app. 

The workouts are all HIIT workouts, aimed to be intense and get your heart pumping. Here the app walks you through the entire HIIT exercise. It is your personal hotel room workout coach.

There are a variety of HIIT workouts to choose from based either on time or calories to loose, think Burn100 or HIIT 15 minutes. 

This app will definitely keep you in shape while travelling. 

Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer

Download the Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer iPhone app here.

Full body workoutIn this app you can choose which body part you want to train or you can opt for a full body workout with no equipment. The options range from abs, arms, butt, cardio, legs, or full body.

Once you pick a type of workout, you can choose the length of the workout ranging from 10 to 30 minutes. The app takes care of the order of the exercises and makes an optimal workout for you. After starting the training you will have a timer for each exercise that comes up with video of fitness coaches showing how to do the exercise. 

The first time it’s probably good to take it easy to get familiar with all the exercises, but after a while you can easily follow the workout full speed. 

Yoga For Beginners | Mind and Body

Download the Yoga For Beginners iPhone app here.

Yoga Hotel Room Workout

If you are in need of some stretching and getting your core and balance upgraded, this app is definitely for you. You don’t have to be a seasoned Yogi for this app, there are different options that can appeal to everyone. We use this app often to start our day with good stretches and improve our flexibility. 

Let’s face it, all the strength hotel room workouts will get your body toned, but what’s the use if you become stiff? Yoga is great for both men and women to get flexible and strengthen your core. It is also a more relaxing start of the day than a HIIT workout. 

The app has different Yoga workout options including bedtime yoga, core blast, energy booster, morning yoga, etc. You can see the exercises included in each workout before you start and pick the one that suits you the most. Once you start, the app walks you through all the exercises with visuals of how to perform them. Everything is timed with breaks in between to change positions. 

This app is like a private yoga teacher in your hotel room. 

Boxing Challenge Workout

Download the Boxing Challenge Workout iPhone app here.

Boxing app hotel room workout

You might want to make your workouts more interesting and fun by adding a boxing challenge to your routine. This app has a kickboxing hotel room workout without any equipment necessary. The only thing you need is energy and motivation.

The app offers a weekly challenge workout and provides a variety of exercise with a timer for each one of them. There are animations showing how the exercise should be done, so you can easily follow the workout routine. 

The downside of this app is that it has only one challenge a week, so if you want to do a kickboxing workout every day, it can get a bit boring. 



Download the Runkeeper iPhone app here.

Runkeeper Workout app

Runkeeper is not exactly for a hotel room workout, however it is still a workout you can do anywhere with no equipment. Runkeeper is one of the best apps for tracking your morning jog or evening run. If you like to run, then running while on a trip is one of the nicest things!

Going out for a run in a new destination is the ultimate way to see it. You can cover a lot of ground while doing your workout to keep fit and healthy. If you are staying by a beach location, going out on the beach in the morning before the crowds made it is one of the best ways to start your day! Trust us! We’ve done it plenty of times!

The Runkeeper app tracks all your runs with GPS coordinates of your route. You don’t need internet for the GPS to track your route, it will update the map when you are on Wifi again. This creates a nice travel running journal that you can look back on and see the different routes you have done at different locations in the world. 

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