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Coworking in Buenos Aires is the best choice for Digital Nomads in South America. Besides the large diversity of coworking spaces in Buenos Aires, you will also find that it is a great city to live in.
There is always something happening in Buenos Aires. From street markets to concerts to festivals, the city has it all. Not to mention the large diversity of cafes and restaurants you can visit.
We spent 4 weeks working and living in Buenos Aires and we loved it! We visited the majority of coworking spaces in Buenos Aires to get a good idea of what the city has to offer.
Here is everything you need to know before heading off for coworking in Buenos Aires.
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Coworking in Argentina Buenos Aires is the best choice for Digital Nomads in South America. Besides the large diversity of coworking spaces in Buenos Aires, you will also find that it is a great city to live in and work online. If you work remotely, trying out the coworking spaces is a must. We stayed 4 weeks in Argentina Buenos Aires and tried out a variety of Coworking spaces. Here is everything that a digital nomad should know.

Why Buenos Aires is perfect for Digital Nomads

After settling to work in many cities in South America, we can say with confidence that Buenos Aires is our favourite. It is a vibrant and trendy city while having a romantic flare at the same time. It is both modern and old and has at least a dozen faces to show itself.
There is always something to in Buenos Aires. You will never get bored staying for a long period in the city.
There are always events and festivals that take place in Buenos Aires. Whether it is an art exhibition or a food festival, every month has its range of activities.
Every weekend the city hosts a range of street markets with a diversity of local artisan products on sale.
Bands play at different corners, tango is being performed, and delicious street food is on offer.
Buenos Aires has a range of cafes with great coffee and delicious cakes. You can pop out your laptop and work on your next big project between site seeing.
The vast diversity of restaurants is the next great thing! Especially if you are a meat lover, you can enjoy some of the best steaks in the world for a more than friendly price.
Argentina’s great wine is more affordable than wine in other famous wine-producing countries.
Buenos Aires has seen a rise in microbreweries over the last years and has developed its own beer culture. In the Palermo neighbourhood, there many beer bars to choose from that offer a diversity of local beers.
All these benefits are a unique advantage for after-work activities that are only available in Buenos Aires.

Where to stay in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is Argentina’s capital city and where most of the country’s population resides.
The city has 48 neighbourhoods that can be as different as night and day. Thus choosing the right neighbourhood to stay in is important.
Here are our most recommended neighbourhoods for digital nomads in Buenos Aires.

Recoleta for digital nomads

Recoleta is most popular amongst first-time visitors to Buenos Aires. This is where the majority of sites are, and everything is in walking distance.
We loved walking in the streets of Recoleta.
The neighbourhood often feels like Paris due to the Beaux-Arts architecture style of the buildings. It has a specific charm to it like no other neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.
Recoleta is considered safe both day and night. You can walk around with a normal level of precaution and should be fine.
This is also the most expensive part of town. It hosts the most expensive real estate of the city. So bare in mind that you’ll have to pay extra to stay here.

Palermo for digital nomads

Palermo is a trendy and upbeat neighbourhood. It’s filled with restaurants and bars for the perfect night out.
This is the neighbourhood where we decided to stay for our month in Buenos Aires.
It is often considered the party neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Yet, while there is plenty of nightlife options, we were not disturbed by it either.
Palermo is the more touristy part of town, but we did not feel like it was over touristy as with some other cities.
There is a good balance of busy and quiet in Palermo, which made it the perfect neighbourhood for us.
There are two sub-neighbourhoods in Palermo: Palermo Hollywood and Palermo Soho.
Soho has more of the trendy nightlife and shopping district, while Hollywood has many trendy restaurants.
Everything within Palermo is walkable. This is great if you like to go out for dinners and perfect to take a walk home afterwards.
Palermo is considered safe during day and night. We never felt unsafe living in Palermo.
Palermo Soho Street Art

Palermo Soho Street Art

San Telmo for digital nomads

San Telmo is the hip part of town. It is the oldest neighbourhood in Buenos Aires.
Its cobblestone streets and colonial buildings make it a unique part of the city.
It is also the home of Tango. This is where you will find many street tango shows and bars with a tango show taking place.
It is cheaper to stay in compared to Recoleta and Palermo, so definitely a good choice if you are on a tighter budget.
San Telmo is neighbouring the famous neighbourhood of La Boca, which is known to be one of the unsafest parts of town.
That being said, San Telmo itself is safe, but if you go a few streets further you might quickly enter the unsafe territory.
If staying in this part of town, make sure you know your way around well before hanging out in the late evening.

Puerto Madera for digital nomads

Puerto Madera is a very modern part of town and is across the river from San Telmo and Centro. Apartment buildings there offer modern accommodation with a nice view of the river.
The boulevard by the river has many cafes and restaurants to explore. And the nightlife of San Telmo is also walking distance or short taxi ride away.
Puerto Madera is considered safe both at day and night.
It is also on the more expensive side for Buenos Aires standards.

Centro for digital nomads

The Centro neighbourhood is the commercial centre of Buenos Aires. This is where the majority of large corporate offices are.
This area is very busy during weekdays but gets a bit quieter in the evening.
The accommodations in this neighbourhood are quite affordable in comparison to other neighbourhoods.

Is Buenos Aires dangerous?

For 4 weeks in Buenos Aires we did not feel unsafe, and neither did we hear of any incidents of people we met.
In the neighbourhoods mentioned above, you can be quite safe.
We often asked locals about safety. They always told us to simply use common sense and precautions that we would use in any other big city.
Crime against foreigners would be in the form of mugging. There are cases reported of tourists getting mugged. Therefore, it is important to be cautious.
Comparing to other cities we visited in South America, such as Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Medellin, we felt the safest in Buenos Aires.

Coworking in Buenos Aires

There is a variety of coworking spaces to choose from. Some are more formal, while others have a bohemian style.
There is something to suit every kind of digital nomad in Buenos Aires.
All the coworking spaces that we visited offer basic amenities. That includes coffee, tea, filtered water, and Mate (traditional Argentinian tea).

Manawa Coworking

Price for 1 day: ARS$ 700 ARG
Manawa Coworking spaces have two locations in Palermo. Both have the Manawa tropical jungle atmosphere to them. The two spaces are different from each other and attract a diverse group of nomads.
Both coworking spaces are in a good location with plenty of options for lunch or drinks and dinner after work.
Manawa Palermo Hollywood
The Manawa Coworking space in Palermo Hollywood has a very clean and slick style. The area for flexible coworking is quite big.
There is a kitchen that can be used by members of the coworking space. There is an outside garden area where you can have your lunch.
The overall atmosphere is pleasant and we managed to be quite productive in this space.
Manawa Palermo Soho
The location in Soho is different than the one in Hollywood as it boasts more of the Bohemian style. The office has a larger outside area where you can work as well.
It is a cosy office to spend your time working in Buenos Aires.
Manawa Coworking Buenos Aires

Manawa Coworking Buenos Aires

Origen Coworking Bar

Origen Coworking Bar is located in Palermo Soho, close to the main squares. It is a cosy coworking space with a homey atmosphere.
There is plenty of options to choose from for sitting. You can sit at the table, a couch, or outside in the garden.
What we liked about the space is that it has a bar that serves the members of the coworking space. So, you can order your coffee or lunch from your table and eat it either at your desk or anywhere else in the space.
They have tight community with events hosted regularly at the coworking space.
Origen Coworking Bar Buenos Aires

Origen Coworking Bar Buenos Aires

La Maquinita

La Maquinita Coworking spaces are probably the biggest one in the city, with 8 locations all over Buenos Aires.
Their co-working spaces in Buenos Aires are:
  • Palermo Soho
  • Palermo Hollywood
  • Belgrano
  • Rosario
  • Microcentro
  • Vicente Lopez
  • Villa Crespo
  • La Lucila
La Maquinita coworking spaces maintain their unique style across all their locations.
They have a chic cosy style that stands out from the rest. Their furniture is well chosen and creates a nice working atmosphere. Every space has a unique vibe.
There are couches, hanging chairs, and outdoor sitting in all the locations.
We had the hot desk option that allowed us to visit all the locations. You will always get a desk to work on, but there are many options for sitting down.
La Maquinita regularly hosts community events, which are great for meeting new people as a digital nomad
La Maquinita Coworking Buenos Aires

La Maquinita Coworking Buenos Aires

Last words about coworking in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a great place for digital nomads looking for an affordable option. You can enjoy all the benefits of a big city and enjoy the South American vibes.
There is always something happening in Buenos Aires, which means you will never get bored.
It is the safest city we visited in South America.
There is a diversity of restaurants and cafe’s, which makes this place a foodies paradise.
More and more digital nomads heading to Buenos Aires, making this a great place to meet like-minded people.