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As a remote worker, you have the opportunity to live almost anywhere for as long or as little as you want. It only makes sense to look for the cheapest places to live in to save some money for the things that really matter to you. If you already read our post about the 7 Highest Paying Jobs For Freelancers, then you must be looking now to maximise your “profits” through living cheaply while earning big bucks. 

We collected a list of the 12 cheapest places to live in for digital nomads. That being said, we did not just look into the lowest cost of living, but also into the availability of interest and co-working spaces. Additionally, we also looked into where the digital nomad communities are flourishing so that you can meet like minded people. 

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Are you a freelancer or like to work remotely? Find out now the cheapest places to live in for digital nomads in 2020! We created a list of 12 cheapest travel destinations for work abroad digital nomads, including a budget forecast per destination. We selected the best destinations according to budget, fun factor, and international community. We include places in every continent, so you have plenty to pick from.

Cost of living of the cheapest places to live in

Some of the cost of living figures below are based on our own experience in 2019. For others we used Numbeo, which is an open source data base of cost of living in various destinations in the world. It bases the cost of living on contributions from users. We find that they are usually quite accurate. 

The costs of living are on a monthly basis for 1 person and include average accommodation prices, as well as other costs of living. 

Without further ado, here come the 12 cheapest places to live in for digital nomads.

1. Palolem, Goa – India

Cost of living in Palolem: $650

Did we really add Goa to the list? Well, Palolem is very different than what you might associate with Goa. Palolem is the place where digital nomads go to in order to find their inner peace or even their inner calling. Yes, this is India! So you will find many that are looking to find the meaning of their lives. But don’t get discouraged if you are not looking for that. It is after all 1 of the cheapest places to live in on our list, so if you are starting out as a digital nomad, it’s worthwhile considering. 

The beach in Palolem is not the most beautiful beach in the world, but it definitely is a very nice beach. There are so many amazing cafes and restaurants in the city, it seems like it was created with digital nomads in mind. We spent a month working in Palolem, and we never got bored from the food and options of places for working.

2. Pokhara – Nepal

Cost of living in Pokhara: $650

Your probably did not expect this one on the list, as many haven’t even heard of Pokhara. We spent 3 weeks living in Pokhara and it was great! The centre of the city has many modern and vibrant restaurants and cafes. The lake right behind the main street is the real treat. It is so relaxing to sit by the lake, looking over the beautiful view of the lake and some of the biggest mountains in the world in the background. It is 1 of the cheapest places to live in on our list, so if you are tight on cash at the moment, consider moving to Pokhara. 

While Pokhara is more known amongst hikers and mountain climbers, don’t be discouraged. There are plenty of cafes that you can work from, some even right on the lake with that view we just mentioned. If you are looking to clear your mind and get some work done, Pokhara might just be the place for you. And, of course, if you like hiking, you can do anything from a day trip to a 4 weeks hiking trip around Pokhara. Read our experience of 9 days hiking to Anapurna Base Camp.

3. Chiang Mai – Thailand

Cost of living in Chiang Mai: $700

Chiang Mai is probably the most known digital nomad spot in South East Asia. Set in the north of Thailand, in the lush green jungles, is the vibrant city of Chiang Mai. You can enjoy the beautiful nature around Chiang Mai and indulge yourself in the most affordable massages in the world. 

Chiang Mai has seen its international community growing over the last years. Internet is available and co-working spaces to accommodate comfortable working conditions are there too. Co-living spaces sell accommodations for as little as $250 a month. Look them up on, and find the best deal for co-living. 

4. Bucharest – Romania

Cost of living in Bucharest: $750

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, a city that is more than 500 years old, which they used to call the small Paris. It is a modern and vibrant city where as a digital nomad you can surely find your spot and feel like a local. 

There are plenty of cafe’s you can work from in Bucharest, while at the same time, co-working spaces are not lacking. The co-living trend has reached Bucharest too. You can look up some awesome co-living places through

5. Kuala Lumpur – Malysia

Cost of living in Kuala Lumpur: $800

Kulala Lumpur is for those who want to be centrally located in South East Asia in a modern environment. The city itself can be overwhelmingly busy, yet it depends on the area. You can find some of Asia’s most amazing street food in KLC though! Check out our post about the top things to do in Kuala Lumpur for more info. 

The international community is not lacking in Kuala Lumpur, yet it consists of many that work for the larger multinational corporations. Nonetheless, digital nomads are flocking, and as with other destinations on our list, co-working and co-living spaces are present. Look up some pretty cool co-living spots in Kuala Lumpur through

6. Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

Cost of living in Ubud: $850

Bali is probably on every digital nomad’s list of places to live in, at least once. The two major co-working and co-living hubs in Bali are in Canggu and Ubud. We lived in both, and we have to say they are very different. 

We choose Ubud over Canggu for this list because we find that Ubud is a bit cheaper and has better co-working spaces. You can read more about our experience working in both cities in our post about coworking spaces in Bali. We also have a 15% discount code for Co-living in Destination Outpost: GENERATIONNOMADS15

Why else would we recommend Ubud? It can be a very relaxing place and there is enough action if you are looking for it. On the main street, you will find enough bars and cafés to go out for the evening, with live music and dance floors. While at the same time you can enjoy the serenity of the lush and green jungle.

7. Buenos Aires – Argentina

Cost of living in Buenos Aires: $900

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina and probably one of the most vibrant cities in South America. With many neighbourhoods that each have their own character and so much to offer, you will not get bored over here. And if you like beef, they have some of the best steaks in the world!

The international community of Buenos Aires is steadily growing, and more digital nomads are flocking the town. With a low cost of living and plenty to do, it is no wonder that so many location independent workers choose to base themselves in this city. You can see the awesome co-living spaces this city has to offer on for the best deals. 

8. Budapest – Hungary 

Cost of living in Budapest: $1050

Budapest is Hungary’s capital city. With the beautiful architecture, the large river running through the city, it’s hard not to fall in love with it. There is more than enough to do and see in the city if you choose to live there for a while. The restaurants and cafes are plenty and are reasonably priced. 

Budapest has a large international community where you could meet like minded people. With a big variety of co-working spaces built for digital nomads, you are sure to find your spot in this big city. Book your colliving accommodation through, which has the largest co-living spaces database. 

9. Medellin – Colombia

Cost of living in Medellin: $1250

Medellin, the city of the eternal spring! Medellin has gone through a huge transformation over the last decades, and it is now considered one of the best places for digital nomads to live in. Besides a relatively low cost of living, it also offer a vibrant international community of expats and digital nomads. Combine that with the El Poblado neighbourhood, and you will feel right at home here. 

There are plenty of co-working spaces in Medellin. Most are located around the El Poblado neighbourhood, which is also convenient if you want to test out different locations. Great coffee places are available everywhere, with good internet connection and comfortable sitting for working. Medellin has some of the nicest co-living places in the world, you can look them up on for the best deals. 

10. Playa del Carmen – Mexico

Cost of living in Playa del Carmen: $1350

You probably weren’t expecting this one. Although Playa del Carmen is known to be a touristic destination, it also has quite a few digital nomads living there. You have the beach, plenty of restaurants and cafes, and good supermarkets for shopping. While the beach is not amazing in Playa, Cozumel is just a half an hour ferry ride away where you can find some amazing Caribbean beaches. 

With colliving spaces popping up, and more spaces to accommodate the growing community of location independent workers, you can be sure to find your place in Playa. Besides co-working spaces, there are plenty of cozy cafe’s with good internet connection to sip a nice coffee and work from. Selina opened a nice co-living space in Playa del Carmen, you can book it through

11. Tallinn – Estonia

Cost of living in Tallinn: $1400

Talinn has become a world famous startup hub. It’s a beautiful city with a lot to do and see while you live there. The historical town will pull you in and make you want to stay. Although it is certainly much more expensive that the cheapest places to live in for digital nomads on our list, it has a very different vibe than any other place on this list.

Many startups are basing their headquarters in Tallinn due to its tax friendly policies and relatively cheaper cost of living. This means the international community of location independent people is rapidly growing. Look up a colliving space in Tallinn through

12. Lisbon – Portugal

Cost of living in Lisbon: $1500

Lisbon is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It is the capital of Portugal and has so much to offer. With its steep hills, you will be training those glutes, while enjoying amazing city views. The food is great! There are so many restaurants and cafes offering traditional Portuguese food for affordable prices. While Lisbon does not have beaches in the city, a trip to the beach is not far from the centre. 

Although it is not the cheapest place to live in for a digital nomad, it is definitely worth the extra bucks. There are plenty of co-working spaces in Lisbon and the digital nomad community is growing. You can very quickly feel at home in Lisbon. You can book your co-living space in Lisbon through

Summary of the cheapest places to live in for digital nomads

Cheapest places to live in for digital nomads

  1. Palolem, Goa – India

    Cost of living in Palolem: $650cheapest places to live in - Palolem

  2. Pokhara – Nepal

    Cost of living in Pokhara: $650

  3. Chiang Mai – Thailand

    Cost of living in Chiang Mai: $700
    Cheapest Places To Live In - Chiang Mai - Generation Nomads

  4. Bucharest – Romania

    Cost of living in Bucharest: $750
    Cheapest Places To Live In - Bucharest - Generation Nomads

  5. Kuala Lumpur – Malysia

    Cost of living in Kuala Lumpur: $800

  6. Ubud, Bali – Indonesia

    Cost of living in Ubud: $850Sunset at Coworking Space Outpost Ubud

  7. Buenos Aires – Argentina

    Cost of living in Buenos Aires: $900Cheapest Places To Live In - Buenos Aires - Generation Nomads

  8. Budapest – Hungary 

    Cost of living in Budapest: $1050Cheapest Places To Live In - Budapest - Generation Nomads

  9. Medellin – Colombia

    Cost of living in Medellin: $1250
    Cheapest Places To Live In - Medellin - Generation Nomads

  10. Playa del Carmen – Mexico

    Cost of living in Playa del Carmen: $1350Cheapest Places To Live In - Playa del Carmen

  11. Tallinn – Estonia

    Cost of living in Tallinn: $1400
    Cheapest Places To Live In - Tallinn

  12. Lisbon – Portugal

    Cost of living in Lisbon: $1500Cheapest Places To Live In - Lisbon

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