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There is only one better way to spoil your loved on the most romantic day of the year than to surprise them with a romantic getaway: To surprise them with a cheap romantic getaway.

Especially during holiday seasons and Valentine’s Day, romantic hotels can cost a fortune. If you’re looking for the perfect cheap romantic getaway that won’t break your heart the next time you look over your bank statement, then look no further.

You can reach the wow factor of Paris, Venice, or Lake Tahoe and spend only a fraction of the price, if you plan more creatively. Over the last six years, we have spent various anniversaries and romantic trips all around the world.

Here is a list of our favorite 11 cheap romantic getaways that will bring you all the cupid vibes without leaving you feel guilty afterwards.

All the hotels that are suggested here can be found on The average nightly prices we listed are for the Valentine’s Day period. Prices are likely to be significantly lower for dates outside the holiday period. You can check the latest information about prices and availability here.


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If you’re looking for a cheap romantic getaway that won’t break your bank, look no further. Here is the 11 best cheap romantic getaways that will bring you all the cupid vibes without leaving you broke.

Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you use them to make a purchase, we will earn a small commission. There are no additional costs to you, but it helps us keep this blog alive. The products and services we recommend are based on our own opinions. Enjoy!

1. Spa getaway in San Luis Obispo, California

The first think coming to mind when thinking of a romantic getaway is a spa weekend, am I right? After all, can you think of a more romantic trip for couples than spending your time switching between massage chairs and bed covers?

You can find affordable options by looking into less obvious locations and cheap deals for romantic hotels.

We found a great Groupon deal for a spa resort in San Luis Obispo, California. With a little over $100 a night, this is a luxurious option for every wallet. Pair that with the cute medieval town vibes of San Luis Obispo and you have yourself an excellent plan for spending a couple of romantic days. We loved our stay here!

Tip! Always check for holiday season deals!

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet spa

2. Let lost in the wineries of Owenton, Kentucky

Another romantic hotel that is offering Groupon deals is this cozy lodge in Owenton, Kentucky, USA. A cheaper option than wine valley in Napa, California, Owenton offers the same romantic vibes to a much cheaper price.

With private cabins overlooking 30 acres of vineyards, you can spend the day learning about how your Merlot is made during their winery tour and sip the night away snuggled up in the wooden lodge.  

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet winery

3. Jazz and shrimp creole in New Orleans, USA  

Maybe not the first obvious choice when thinking of a romantic getaway, but New Orleans proved to us to have all prerequisites for a romantic trip for couples.

Picture this: strolling hand in hand amidst the colorful architectures of the French Quarter, while listening to soft jazz music at every street corner. Followed by a romantic dinner, indulging tasty shrimp creole and delicious frozen daiquiris.

Staying at one of the historic townhouses will make your visit unforgettable, but without a deal, hotels can be costly in the French Quarter of New Orleans. We found very affordable accommodation 1 km outside the city center. The location was safe and only a 20 minutes fun trolly ride away. is great for finding cheaper offers, like this romantic cabin by the river.

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet New Orleans

4. 50’s vibes and salsa all night in Havana, Cuba

One of our most memorable cheap romantic getaway trips was to Havana, Cuba! The positive vibe of the city is contagious and you can’t help but tap along to the salsa tunes blasting from live bands in every open air restaurant.

The Old-timer cars are casting a 50s charm over you and you feel like you have travelled back in time. The city is alive, cocktails and food are cheap, making Havana a great cheap weekend getaway! Don’t miss out on trying their spectacular lobsters that you can get for under $20!

  • Hotel recommendation: Hotel Carribean
  • Average room price per night: $60 / night

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet Havana

5. River magic in Prague, Czech Republic

One of the jewels of Europe and significantly cheaper than West European capitals is Prague in the Czech Republic. Especially in the winter months, Prague is lit up with million lights and invites to stroll around the old town or enjoy a hearty non-expensive meal in one of the many excellent restaurants. Try their traditional Goulash dishes, they’re delicious!

A very special option for a cheap romantic getaway that you and your loved one will for sure never forget is to stay on a luxurious boat accommodation on the city river! For only $100 a night you can stay in one of the most special romantic hotels in the world.

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet prague

6. Castle town flair in Ljubljana, Slovenia

When thinking about romantic get-aways in Europe, Slovenia is often not seen in the list of popular destinations. But if you’re not considering Slovenia, you are missing out!

Slovenia and its mountain beauty remind us of Austria and Switzerland, only much cheaper! When we visited Ljubljana, we were blown away by its castle town magic. The old town is gorgeous, there are cozy restaurants along the river promenade, and it’s affordable for any couple! Visit beautiful lake Bled, only 40 minutes away from the city for a fairytale walk along the lake!

We recommend going for the 4 stars experience at Hotel Lev. Once you have seen their gorgeous glass showers in the middle of the hotel room, you won’t be able to say no!

  • Hotel recommendation: Hotel Lev
  • Average room price per night: $90 / night

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet oman

7. Get emerged in the history of Warsaw, Poland

The last destination in Eastern Europe that makes it on our list of the best cheap romantic get-aways is Warsaw in Poland. Similar to Prague and Ljubljana, it has a beautiful city center and it is rich in history and culture.

Don’t miss out on signing up for the free walking tour when visiting Warsaw to learn about the fascinating story of the city and its triumph of love and freedom after the second world war. Take a romantic walk through the small alleys of the old town and close your evening over a glass of wine and traditional home made Polish dumplings pierogi. 

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet warsaw

8. Find pasta and amore across Italy

There is no list of romantic get-aways that is complete without Italy, and we agree! For us personally, there is hardly any place in the world more romantic than the country of pasta, wine, and amore!

While most people think of Rome or Venice when they think of romantic getaways in Italy, the small sleepy towns are actually were the true Italian romance can be found. A wonderful way to spend a romantic trip for couples in Italy is to rent a car and drive through the beautiful little villages in Tuscany or in Southern Italy. Drive up to cute restaurants for an afternoon tiramisu and cappuccino and stay in one of the many bed and breakfasts along the way.

You can find incredible hotels along the way that would be not affordable in the big touristic cities. Our hotel recommendation goes to a hotel in Matera that offers rooms that are set in caves in a UNESCO world heritage area. itself named it as one of the most romantic hotels in the world, and you can book it for only $200 a night on Valentine’s Day.

cheap romantic getaway that any couple can afford

9. Explore jungle romance in Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the cheapest most popular destinations in the world. Bali has the ideal mix of local authenticity and the comforts of Western life, making the island a hot-spot for yogis, surfers, and honeymooners alike. You can spend your time biking through endless rice terraces, exploring waterfalls in the jungle, and trying to not get washed away by the waves in the ocean.

There are thousands of accommodations you can stay like in paradise for very little money. Our cheap romantic getaway recommendation is Ubud. Find rest in beautiful villas surrounded by rice fields and enjoy quality time with your loved one.

For a super special experience, stay at the Bubble Hotel in Ubud. You will be glamping with free view of the stars while falling asleep. An unforgettable experience!

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet ubud

10. Best sunsets in Koh Lanta, Thailand

If you’re into sunsets, you have to put Koh Lanta in Thailand on your bucket list of romantic getaways! We spent two weeks in Koh Lanta and spent every evening watching the most spectacular sunsets of our life! Paired with a delicious cocktail for under $5 it’s the perfect way to spend a romantic evening.

We stayed at a spa resort right on the beach and only interrupted our naps in the shade by switching between sea and pools. We can’t wait to go back there and we’re sure you will have an amazing time!

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet sunset

11. Glamping a là 1001 Night in Oman

Closing off with a big bang, our final cheap romantic getaway suggestion is spending a night like Aladdin and Scheherazade in the desert of Oman. It will be you, endless stretches of sand, and more stars at the night sky than you have ever seen before.

We loved our stay at the Wahiba Bedouin Rustic Camp in the Sharqiya Sands. The stay includes dinner and breakfast, unlimited coffee, tea, and dates, and learning stories about traditional life in Oman over dance and campfire.

It’s a wonderful experience and will be one of your favorite memories ever, as it is for us!

cheap romantic getaway for any wallet oman

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